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Obviously, this site is devoted to all aspects of techno in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was first made publicly available around October 1st, 1997, after I more or less had been forced to do a new home page of some kind. The initial attempt was simply to do just that - make a new personal home page - but I began thinking that it would be cool to make something that I myself had missed numerous times before: a site that had an updated party calendar, and that gave people some sort of info on the whole techno scene here. I know very well that other people are maintaining sites with a similar idea behind, and I'm certainly not trying to belittle those sites in any way, but they're all in Danish only and also a bit loosely edited and maintained.

Either way, after I uploaded the first version of TiC, I was quite surprised when lots of e-mails began coming in. Everyone seemed to think TiC was a great idea and all those mails definitely made me continue with the project. I've been part of our scene for more than five years or something like that, and I know a fair bit of people and places worth knowing, but there's no way I could have managed to continue doing a reasonable job with this site if it hadn't been for all the incredibly helpful people I've gotten in contact with since I started on the project.

People constantly ask me why I'm doing this, but it's kinda difficult to come up with a simple answer to that question. Maintaining a site like this does take a lot of time, yes, but it's actually great fun and I like fooling around with html, javascripts, perl, graphics and all that (I do that for a living, actually :). Besides, giving information away for free is what the Net is all about, isn't it? To me, it is. Furthermore, I feel that Cph's scene deserves a site like this. Locals may not believe me, but there's apparently a big interest in our little - but excellent - scene. At least 50 percent of the e-mails I receive are from abroad: Canada, Taiwan, Ukraine, the US and the UK are just a few of the countries I've received letters from. That alone makes it all worth while.

This brings me on to a related topic: I appreciate each and every one of the e-mails I receive, but as I'm working full time and also would like to do stuff other than sitting behind a keyboard (like going clubbing and raving :), it's sometimes very hard for me to find time to reply to all of them. That's the reason I've assembled an FAQ that you might want to take a look at before you send me an e-mail. But in any case, rest assured that I do read and appreciate any sort of comment, suggestion or observation. As I said just before, all the e-mails are one of the reasons I continue doing this site.

Anyway, 'nuff said. I hope you'll enjoy this site and continue to use it!


Techno in Copenhagen98.07.11storm@cphtechno.dk