TiC: Labels: Mainline  
Mainline was founded in 1995 and has grown to be a parent label for 10 different labels, each with their own distinctive sounds and styles:
  • Aid Dog - innovative and experimental music.
  • Bryter Layter - first release due this year.
  • Dancecop - Mainline's primary dance label.
  • Free Bayze - new label which will feature jungle, drum & bass and hip hop. First release due this year.
  • Lidocaine - rock, pop and trip hop.
  • Mary-Ann Scott - subsidiary to Dancecop. Releases big beats, electronica and dub.
  • Mellow Grind - harder rock.
  • MTB - house and club techno.
  • Punk D'Angleterre - hard techno.
  • Xochi - goa and psy-trance.
Larsbjørnsstræde 13, st. mf.
1454 Cph K
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