TiC: Venues: Den grå Hal (the Grey Hall)  
A classic major venue in the free haven of Christiania. Den grå Hal has been used for numerous concerts, and also quite a lot of raves, but the place has unfortunately been mighty quiet during the last couple of years. Some special events, and some drum & bass parties, have been taking place, however, and it's always a huge pleasure of mine to see this big old building being used for more than just a graffiti wall at the mercy of the city's ignorant kids.

This is Christiania, so don't expect ridiculous bouncers or all sorts of fancy features, but rather a relaxed atmosphere in the Do It Yourself spirit. Prices depend on the organizers of the event, but they're generally on a very reasonable level. Capacity is above 1,000.

Refshalevej 2
1432 Cph K
phone 31 54 31 35
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