TiC: Venues: Loppen (the Flea)  
Loppen is probably Christiania's best known venue. Throughout almost 30 years, this place has presented all sorts of music, from the hippie rock of the 70's to the grunge of the early 90's, but a few electronic parties are also taking place there. It's primarely drum & bass parties by Jungle Fever/Jungle Technology you're likely to experience, although house and techno also can be heard every now and then. The actual place is pretty big and cozy, and prices are usually being held on a very reasonable level. They usually close at 5 and the capacity is about 3-400.
Bådsmandsstræde 43
1407 Cph K
phone 31 54 54 51
fax 31 54 84 20
http://www.subcity.dk/lpmain.htm [in Danish]
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