TiC: Venues: Ungdomshuset (the Youth House)  
Since 1982 a base for radical left wingers in the district of Nørrebro. Its history of turmoil was believed to end in 1996 when a fire nearly burned the house to the ground, but it obviously takes more to eradicate the proud political youth of this city, so the house is still a venue for various activities. Hard core techno has almost always been represented at this place, with Deutsche Club being the main group responsible, but drum & bass and goa can also be heard from time to time.

The building has a lovely big main room up on the top floor (with a capacity around 7-800 people), a smaller room downstairs, and a pretty big bar/chill-out area. The place is in poor condition and you better watch you step on the stairs, but there is a certain charm to everything.

Jagtvej 69
2200 Cph N

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