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Vega is another one of those publicly funded venues that, despite various kinds of turmoil, has turned out to be quite excellent. The building, dating from 1956, was originally a base for political activities related to the Social Democrats. In September '96, it opened as a long-awaited cultural center in the central residential disctrict of Vesterbro. Vega's two major scenes (called "big Vega" and "small Vega") both features excellent facillities, with powerful sound systems, stunning light installations, and plenty of fresh air. Another, much smaller, place at Vega, is the Ideal Bar, which has turned out to be very popular among locals.

Big Vega has been used for a few raves (which all have been great), and small Vega has had the regular Club Vega which unfortunately shut down around the end of '97. A pitty, because it was a really good club. However, it seems as if something will start there again in the spring.

Prices are a bit on the steep side, but it's basically worth it; Vega has lots of atmosphere. Capacity: 1,500 at big Vega; 500 at small Vega.

Enghavevej 40
1674 Cph V
phone 33 25 70 11
fax 33 25 80 11
http://www.vega.dk/ [in Danish]

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