TiC: Flyers  
With currently 489 scanned images, this archive is pretty comprehensive and should give you a good idea of what has been going on in this city during the past 5 years or so. If you happen to have been part of most of these parties, well, then I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy a session of random browsing exactly as much as I do.


Any additions to the archive (or to the list of events) are always welcome. Please send any kind of flyer to flyers@cphtechno.dk, or drop me a line if you need to have them scanned.

If you need to have a flyer, or some other sort of cool graphic image done, be sure to get in touch with some of these people who all - at least as far as I have seen - have been doing an excellent job.


These people are probably expensive (I don't know for sure, though - it's just some feeling I have), but they've been doing incredibly cool flyers over the years, primarely for events related to Mantra. Highlights include the Tripping on Sunshine series and lots of great artwork for April Records.
Værnedamsvej 3B
1819 Frederiksberg C
phone 33 25 28 22
fax 33 25 27 22
http://www.danesadwork.dk/ (yes, there IS a link on that page :)
Futuristic Robots
These two guys (Martin Sundstrøm and Jesper Fryd, formely known as Engine) have been doing lots of great stuff for the city's drum & bass parties (check out Jungle Technology for a bunch of examples), but they're also doing flyers for clubs such as the late Ultimate Zone, the MI-313 series of events, and the new moving-house.dk club.
cyberdriver@mail.invaders.dk & jesper@mail.invaders.dk
Genetic Light
Primarely known for their cool video installations at the parties, but these two guys - Mark Gregory and Jesper Eskildsen - are also doing flyers and posters and stuff. They've done things for Maya Connection, Club Phrezh Copenhagen and lots more, which you can see on their homepage.
Helsingør's premier flyer designer, formerly known as Eyescape Production, with quite a range of cool flyers done over the past year. He's made things for various people and collectives such as Pneumatic, Ironscorp and the late Abduction, and continues to create stylish logos, flyers and more. Send an e-mail to send.phuture.flyers@popx.dk to receive new flyers as they become available, or check out his site.

Techno in Copenhagen98.10.25storm@cphtechno.dk