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Some new initiative has been taken here: a guy who calls himself dj Joel is apparently hosting an easy listening club every other Thursday, which sounds like a pretty cool thing considering the look and feel of the place.

Back in the old days, this was where Kong & Tanja + Opiate & 360° had a club during the late summer of '97 before they moved to Tivoli's Jazzhouse, which eventually became the new Mantra. Later on, some people started a club called Ultimate Zone, but it wasn't around for too long.

The club is located in the basement of a Turkish restaurant, and I really like all the weird stuff they have (had?) down there - purple velvet all over the place, huge mirror walls, cheap but funny light effects, and so on. Certainly worth a visit. Capacity: 70-80.

Vesterbrogade 33
1620 Cph V
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