TiC: Venues: New Fellini  
This place used to host one of these night clubs that attracted the mature audience back in the late 70's and early 80's when people could go beserk to real disco and all. For a number of years, New Fellini (another club called Fellini existed back then) was just a crossover between a night club and a disco where tourist from the ugly SAS Hotel above could wander down if they had nothing better to do, or if their imagination lacked a few things.

These days, however, techno has moved in here as well. And in the late 90's, it's like taking a time machine back in time when you see all the purple and general weird stuff that still make up the club. A bit like Blue Star, only worse. Yep, it's great fun! A regular club called moving-house.dk is residing there at the moment, with a self-claimed aim of "bridging the gap between techno and house", but a few other events are also taking place there every now and then. Definitely worth a visit.

Hammerichsgade 1
1611 Cph V
phone 33 93 32 39
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