TiC: Venues: Pumpehuset (the Pump House)  
Pumpehuset was offered to the citizens of Cph in 1986 as an alternative to the much loved venue Saltlageret, which had to give room for a Planetarium. As with a venue like Vega, Pumpehuset is supported by public funds, so it's hardly a place which presents alternative or experimental events, and if it weren't for some external organizers who rent the place every now and then, I'm pretty sure that there never would be techno there. Indeed, since the regular Club Kennedy closed down around early 1994, nothing has been going on at Pumpehuset, but that changed all of a sudden in January 1998, where some people started a series of goa raves.

Despite giving associations to some boring train station, the interior is pretty useful with a big bar/chill-out area on the 1st floor, and the actual stage and all upstairs. It's a pretty big venue: the capacity is 650.

Studiestræde 52
1554 Cph K
phone 33 93 19 60
fax 33 93 19 09
http://www.pumpehuset.dk/ [in Danish]
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