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Mantra ... a legendary name in this city. The first version of the club opened in the industrial and remotely located Eigens Ballroom (these days known as Sputnik) on November 6th, 1993, with a great live set from the mighty Sun Electric as the main attraction. Indeed, Sun Electric was an excellent example of what the club eventually came to stand for, namely superb intelligent techno in all its shapes. Mantra was started by a group of people who had played, and continued to play, an important role in the city's electronic scene; one of the most spectacular events that Cph has ever seen, Ultramarine, had been organized by these people just a few months before they opened up Mantra.

During the next 6-7 months, Mantra brought such dj's and acts as David Holmes, Alex Paterson, Kenny Larkin, Juno Reactor and Total Eclipse (the list is endless) to the city. I for one loved those regular nights with the relaxed and friendly crowd, the chill-out room upstairs with those stunning light effects, and generally the whole atmosphere that was there. The club Mantra ceased to exist around May '94, but the guys behind it continued to put together events such as the trips to Pakhus 11 (at that time, an unusual venue), the free Tripping on Sunshine ambient festivals in the inner-city park of H.C. Ørstedsparken, and the combined ambient/techno event Tripping on the Final Frontier, which took place in the dome of the Tycho Brahe Planetarium.

Even though the guys continued to arrange great events throughout the following couple of years, the Mantra name and logo slowly disappeared from the streets and flyers. In 1997, they had regular club events at Vega and later on also at Blue Star. Then, in the late autumn same year, it was suddenly here again: the good old Mantra logo - exactly as cool and timeless as it had been 4 years earlier.

They've done it again, these visionary people. The core trio of Tanja Sonnenfeld, Henrik Möll and Steen Mogensen have created a club that - as far as I'm concerned - by far is Cph's best. The new Mantra is in some ways very different from the old club, in the sense that the new venue hardly is industrial and remotely located (on the contrary, neighbours are Tivoli and the Central Station!), but what it's all about, music and atmosphere, is exactly as awesome is it always has been. To sum it up: you haven't experienced techno in Copenhagen if you haven't been to Mantra.

Check out the entry for Mantra in the venues section for more info about the actual club.

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